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Up to 10 users
Senior uses Tablet App
Mobile app for Senior tablet (iPad and Android)
Mobile app for family members (iOS and Android)
Family member access to for desktop use
Social features:
Photo sharing, Fun Notes
Planning and Reminder features:
Calendar, News & Reminders
Family & friends features:
Contact list, Birthdays & Anniversaries
General information features:
Weather now and forecast
SMS text alerts (optional) when family members update content
Personalize your preferences
Free updates
Online users guide & Technical support)
Please contact us to discuss further.
Up to 10 users
Plus Handsfree Display
All features from FAMILY plan
Totally Handsfree display of family content. Senior can simply watch and enjoy.
Easy installation instructions
Includes one small Connected Life View box to control a separate TV display
Television and any mounting hardware are not included.
Please contact us to discuss further.
Community Displays
Community Displays, automatically updated with your content updates
Mobile app for staff members (iOS and Android)
Staff member access to for desktop use
Community building features:
Photo sharing, Resident & staff Bio’s, Birthdays & Anniversaries
Planning and Reminder features:
Live Calendar, News & announcements, Dining menus
General information features:
Weather display, Digital signage
Printed daily & monthly activity calendars
SMS text alerts (optional) to staff and subscribed family members when content is updated
Please contact us to discuss further.