Connected Life – more caring, less stress

Connected Life makes it possible to support your senior loved one, all day, every day. You get the features you need to simplify your life and to engage your whole family in the care process.


Your senior loved one will benefit tremendously by staying in the loop with an active circle of caring family, friends, and professionals. The more active your care circle members are, the more support you will get as well. 


Read on to learn how Connected Life’s features will enable your senior, your family, and your professional caregivers to stay in touch and coordinate care actions. When you are ready, you will find all the resources you need to get going on our Getting Started with Connected Life page.





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Keep the family connected with Photos & Notes

Your posts with photos and notes will have a powerful impact on your senior. They will know that you are thinking of them. They will feel engaged with family happenings. They will feel loved and supported instead of isolated and alone.


The more you and other care circle members post, the more your senior will benefit. And care circle members will be surprised to learn just how much they benefit from staying in the loop with each other as well.



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Empower your senior and coordinate through the Shared Calendar

Keeping your senior informed of what is coming next on the calendar will help them feel more in control. Instead of feeling like the action is happening to them, they can take the initiative to prepare for visits, send birthday greetings, make it to desired activities, or just watch their favorite TV program.


Connected Life’s Active Calendar enables all care circle members to post events. Your senior will see their events in a clear, dynamic format that makes it easy to tell what is coming next. Care circle members benefit, too, by coordinating their visit schedules and making sure that somebody is there to support your senior at critical moments. Even care centers can post calendar events to ensure that your senior is aware of all the activities that have been designed for them.


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Make your senior ‘Video Enabled’

Video calling is a great way to stay connected, but your senior’s aging issues can make it tough to connect. While some care centers are now offering video calling help, it can be a hassle to get it scheduled and to work around their availability.


Connected Life enables your senior to participate in video calls whenever it’s convenient for you, without the help of an aide. More able seniors can receive or launch calls with the tap of a button. With the right Connected Life setup, even seniors with advanced aging challenges can receive calls through auto-answer or launch them through voice control.


Just take a few minutes to set up video call contacts and you’ll be ready to go.


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Give your senior a nudge when they need it

We all forget important things occasionally. As seniors age, though, this can become a recurring problem.


Connected Life Reminders are a valuable tool to help your senior remember what is important to them, whether it is important things they need to do, activities they don’t want to miss, or just a reminder that this is the first day of summer. Reminders are displayed prominently on the Connected Life screen and show up repeatedly to ensure they aren’t missed. When they are no longer needed, they just go away. No action is needed on your senior’s part.



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Keep your senior oriented with Day, Date, and Weather

It’s easy for most of us to stay informed of the day and the weather. We easily laugh it off when we forget what day it is. For seniors, though, keeping in sync can be a daily challenge that is both disorienting and embarrassing.


By displaying day, date, and weather automatically, Connected Life will keep your senior oriented and eliminate the anxiety that goes with not knowing. There’s even fun weather almanac information to make it entertaining.


It’s subtle, and it’s effective.

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Discuss important care issues

Sometimes you just need to talk things over without worrying your senior loved ones. Whether it’s a conversation about new challenges for your senior or just care circle members providing support for each other, some topics are best handled out of your senior’s view.


With Connected Life Care Talk, you can post and discuss issues freely, drawing upon all the strengths of the people around your care circle without raising unnecessary concerns for your senior. Posts are shared discreetly with your siblings and care professionals. You get to decide when to share more with your senior.


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Coming soon: Help your senior remember Special Dates and Contacts

Many seniors struggle to remember birthdays and anniversaries that used to roll off the tip of their tongue. Finding out after the fact that they didn’t send a card or have a moment for special reflection can be distressing. It can be even worse if they do remember but don’t know where to send the card.


Connected Life keeps all of that information in one place and reminds your senior when important dates are coming up. The whole care circle benefits from having a single place to keep track of important birthdays, anniversaries and contact information. Anyone can make updates and the entire family gets the latest.


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Meet your senior’s special needs with the right Connected Life Setup

Your senior is special and so are their needs. Connected Life offers multiple options to match your senior’s physical, cognitive, and technical abilities. We can support a wide range from seniors who want the full power of a portable iPad to seniors who need the support of a fully automatic setup. See our guide, Choosing the right setup for your senior and see how Connected Life can work for you.