About Connected Life View®

From Connected Life Innovations

Connected Life View launched its first live version in January 2016, founded by two people whose mother was in assisted living. They have observed first hand the growing challenges she faced with knowing her daily schedule, as well as the importance to her of staying connected with her family.

After very positive results and feedback with the first product release, Connected Life View has continued to evolve and become even better. More powerful. More features. Easier to use. More valuable to Seniors, their families, and care providers.

We're excited to introduce Connected Life View 4.0 in early 2019, by far the best offering to date. We're excited because we've seen first hand how life-changing it can be. Excited by the potential to help so many Seniors and their families. We're happy to make this available to more families now.

About our Founders

Alan Stein


With 31 years professional experience in software development, coupled with a love of photography and a passion for preserving the stories and values of seniors and loved ones, Alan brings a unique combination of vision and technical contribution to Connected Life View.

For the past 20 years, he has led a team of software developers producing cloud-based consumer care solutions, trusted by Fortune 500 clients in the international market.

Alan’s background in leading edge software architecture and development, as well as the design, implementation and support of cloud-based solutions facilitating consumer care, has all culminated in the birth of Connected Life View.

Mark Stein


Mark has worked for 35 years as a software engineer and manager for an international telecommunications company.

During the past ten years, he has developed online and cloud-based solutions for a variety of schools, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. His experience in collaborating with clients on these projects has enabled him to develop a keener sense of how to make solutions easy to use by giving careful consideration to the design of the user experience.

He brings this experience to the Connected Life View solution and has enjoyed creating a solution that brings strong value to care facilities, families, and their loved ones, while at the same time is easy to use.