About Connected Life

Connected Life was launched by our founder, Mark Stein, and his brother to help their mother stay close to her family and stay in control of her life. Living in assisted living and with family members both near and far, it was a struggle. Connected Life has transformed her situation and continues to support Mark’s mother as she has moved to Memory Care.


Connected Life has evolved since then, but we remain dedicated to providing the best alternative for staying close to your less-abled loved ones, even when you can’t be there.


We’re excited for you to try Connected Life because we’ve seen firsthand how life-changing it can be. As you use Connected Life, we hope you will enjoy the smiles, the excitement, and the deep appreciation we have seen in Mark’s mother. 


Connected Life Innovations is a mission-driven company. We are driven to empower Seniors, to enrich their lives and to reduce their feelings of loneliness and isolation. We are driven to help families like yours collaborate in caring for and supporting their Senior loved ones. We are driven to help care providers engage with both Seniors and their families. We are driven to enable true circles of caring.

About Our Leaders


Mark Stein

Mark Stein

Mark has worked for more than 35 years as a software engineer and manager for an international telecommunications company. 


During the past eleven years, he has developed online and cloud-based solutions for a variety of schools, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. His experience in collaborating with clients on these projects has enabled him to develop a keener sense of how to make solutions easy to use by giving careful consideration to the design of the user experience.


He brings this experience to the Connected Life solution, driven by needs he has seen first hand while his mother has been in assisted living for many years. He has enjoyed creating a solution that brings strong value to Seniors, their families, and their care providers, while at the same time is easy to use.

Tim Hopmann

Tim Hopmann

Tim has leadership experience across industries including telecommunications, search, and financial services. His technology experience spans everything from computer chips to large hardware and software systems. And his business experience has taken him from product management to business strategy.


Tim spent years taking care of his own senior loved ones, from home care to hospice. From taking care of his own parents and talking with many other seniors and family members, Tim has seen the many practical and emotional stresses facing seniors and their families.


This combination of personal and shared experiences inspires his passion for using technology to help seniors and their caregivers support each other.